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Do You Need To Visit a Marriage Therapist

Within less than two years, most couples are so tired of each other that they regret and deeply curse the fast day they met. This is so evident in the society and by looking at the number of divorces; you would really wonder want is wrong with our society. And actually it is not about the society, it is every person playing their role and responsibility by recognizing that they just entered into an affair with another imperfect human that they have to give room for.

Having random disagreements from time to time in a marriage is something even the most perfect couples experience and atypically normal thing. Depending on how strongly bonded and understanding of couples, issues could range from seemingly small to very complex, sometimes the least issues can cause the most trouble or the opposite. Worth noting though is that, even if sometimes couple end up in fights, that does not always create any doubt for love in the relationship because at the end of the fight they will always get back together and move on well.

We honestly can’t go blaming the society when we fail to manage our own family and personal issues. This is something that is within and whose cure is fixing ourselves rather than blaming the society. Being human allows us to have flaws and for that reason, you realize that sometimes we are so much concerned about ourselves than the next person. Actually we only love because it makes us feel good so it is about ourselves and not the partner. The worst thing could mostly show up when you are so much into yourself, when the love for yourself clouds out and you develop that pride and jealous. So yes, anytime someone asks me whether couples need that regular marriage counselling I tell them that they do need it, we trip from time to time maybe because there is a lot going on in our lives and therefore we need some professional guidance to keep us reminded that we have marriage responsibilities.

The kind of counselling I would recommend for couples is the PET Positive Existential Therapy, it is a perfectly tested and certified approach and that is highly effective. For any long-lasting effect and productivity in your relationship commitments, this is the kind of therapy to go for. This approach of therapy will never compare to the traditional Cognitive Behavior Therapy, the later have for long proven to be ineffective and even worse breaking most relationships entirely because it is said to favour one side of the relationship and also have a short-term effect. Study also has it that families do want therapy and place high value on the experience.

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